Our Story

Black Street Early Childhood Center is the home to Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students. We are the foundation for academic, and social emotional learning.

Our school hours are 7:30am-1:55 pm. It is important to attend school every day in order to have the best educational experience. We also encourage that you keep your child in school for the entire day. If you have to leave early please be aware that you will need to sign your child out prior to 1:15. You will also need to bring a photo ID.  Please remember to send a note to school explaining the absence when your child/children returns to school. If your child is absent for three consecutive days you will be contacted by your child’s teacher and or the school data clerk.

Our energetic, innovative staff members believe that our students are the most important element in the magic we strive to achieve each day.  We want them to feel safe, to be challenged, and to gain knowledge and skills to prepare them for the world they must navigate .But we also acknowledge that you, the parents, are their first and best teacher. Your encouragement when they have a hard day, your interest in their work, your insistence that they try their best, your presence at school meetings—all these are extremely important for their success. Come to school, meet us, talk to us, join the Parent Teacher Organization, School Improvement Council and volunteer your time and energy. Your involvement will show your children that you value their education. Together we can make great things happen for them!